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Москва – Санкт-Петербург 15-58 км

Moscow – Saint Petersburg 15-58 km

Project name: Construction of the High-Speed Highway between Moscow and Saint Petersburg (on the 15-58 km Section).

Project goals:

Ensuring high transport performance indicators on the Moscow - Saint Petersburg highway;

  • Improving road traffic safety on the Moscow - Saint Petersburg highway;

  • Reducing the negative impact on the environment along the Moscow - Saint Petersburg highway;  

  • Improving traffic conditions on the Moscow - Saint Petersburg highway;

  • Introducing a toll collection system on the Moscow - Saint Petersburg highway.

Project objectives:

  • Traffic management, including the hardware/software embedded system for the ATMS (based on the IntellectTraffic software), technological connection, Traffic Control Centers (TCC), and traffic controllers;

  • Information support for road users, including gantries with variable information signs (VMS), variable message multi-positional indicators, variable message displays (VMD);

  • Collection and recording of information on the composition and intensity of traffic , including detectors for traffic data collection and recording;

  • Planning and operation of the security alarm, technological communication, emergency call, video surveillance, power supply, meteorological data collection, and emergency services communication systems;

  • Development of efficient, reasonable, economically viable, and creative solutions for constructing toll collection booths.

Types of activities: The design and development of the Advanced Traffic Management System including the Central Traffic Control System, data transmission network, as well as variable message, video surveillance, emergency call, meteorological data collection, automated traffic data collection, and toll collection systems.

Client: FSI “Dorogi Rossii”, LLC “SZKK”, OJSC “Mostotrest”.

Location: the rayons of Khimki and Solnechnogorsk, Moscow Oblast.